Eye 10k Offline Entry Form

Note: if you want to enter online (at no extra charge), please click here.

Otherwise please fill out the form below, then use the Print option in your browser to print out this page. Sign the declaration then send it along with a cheque or postal order made payable to Eye Community Runners to:

Simon Lovell
11b Crowland Road
Include your e-mail address and we will automatically send you the race results.
Date of birth
Club / Team
Sex Age on race day
Tel. No.

Entry Fees: (please select from the following options)

10k - 13.00 Unattached - 15.00 Fun Run - 4.00

On the day plus 2.00 - Minimum age for 10k = 15 years

I declare that I am medically fit to take part in this event and that I enter at my own risk. The organisers or any other party connected with the event will in no way be held responsible for any injury or illness incurred before, during or as a result of the event, or for any property loss in any area connected with the event. I also declare that I am an amateur according to the B.A.F. Rules and that I am eligible to enter this event.