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10k Entries (101 entries so far)

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Sex Category Entries
M S 8
M V40 10
M V45 7
M V50 7
M V55 4
M V60 2
M V65 2
M V70 4
M V80 1
Sex Category Entries
F S 11
F V35 7
F V40 10
F V45 9
F V50 8
F V55 7
F V60 3
F V70 1
Name Club
Jacqui Moore BRJ Run
Stuart Turner BRJ Run & Tri
Victoria Abraham Bushfield Joggers
Jeff Beever Bushfield Joggers
Jenny Bryant Bushfield Joggers
Elizabeth Camelford Bushfield Joggers
Trish Crighton Bushfield Joggers
Mike Daniels Bushfield joggers
Sue Dibble Bushfield Joggers
Paul Fowler Bushfield Joggers
Annabelle  Fullerton Bushfield joggers
Adam McCluskey Bushfield joggers
Antoinette Rendle Bushfield Joggers
Gemma Roberts Bushfield Joggers
Robert Tomkins Bushfield Joggers
Mandy Walker Bushfield joggers
Sarah Williams Bushfield Joggers
John Turner Ely Runners
Jenny King Eye
Scott Beasley Eye Community Runners
Sarah-Jane  Gill Eye Community Runners
Marc Joyce Eye Community Runners
Chris King Eye Community Runners
Andrew Plume Fenland
Philip England Fenland RC
Nikki Fox Lonely goat
Jo Phillips Lonely Goat
Simon Phillips Lonely Goat
Joanne Anderson March AC
Emily Garry March AC
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough PANVAC
Tracey  Ward PB Pacers
Sarah Caskey Peterborough
George Munford Ramsey Road Runners
Ali Cooper Riverside Runners
Zoe Jackson Riverside Runners
Neil Shorten Riverside Runners
Nib Bowkis Sawtry Walk To Run
Nona Bowkis Sawtry Walk To Run
Dan Keen Sawtry walk to run
Megan Turner Sawtry Walk to Run
Laura Walker Sawtry walk to run
STANLEY THORNTON Sleaford Town Runners
Vincent Hainsby St Neots Riverside Runner
Maurice Hemingway St Neots Riverside Runner
Andrew Kendal stamford striders
sonia Kendal stamford striders
Tracy Moore Thorney RC
Julie Smith Thorney RC
Cheryl Cleary Thorney Running Club
Kelly Maddy Thorney Running Club
Debbie  Peters Thorney running club
Odette Smee Thorney Running Club
Bryony  Stocks Thorney Running Club
Dawn  Ball Three counties RC
Sandra Rhodes Three Counties Running Cl
Stephen Rhodes Three Counties Running Cl
Florence Alexander Unattached
Matthew  Allingham Unattached
Rebecca  Brakes Unattached
Kerry Brittle Unattached
James Carter Unattached
Martyn Cole Unattached
Stefan Collini Unattached
Nicky  Connolly Unattached
Deborah Cook Unattached
Alistair Dobson Unattached
Erik Ebelhack Unattached
Shona Elkin Unattached
Kevin Farquhar Unattached
Emma Fountain Unattached
Franco Genovese Unattached
Emma Gilbert Unattached
Dave  Greasley Unattached
Eszter Gulacsy Unattached
Ian Johnston Unattached
Tim McGlashan Unattached
Hayley  Mckernan Unattached
Gemma Moran Unattached
Ken Norman Unattached
Obinna Nwamarah Unattached
David Parkes Unattached
Abigail  Pinnock Unattached
Sandra  Pinnock Unattached
Sandra Povilaityte Unattached
ian rendall Unattached
Michelle Robinson Unattached
Sophie Rodden Unattached
janette Smith Unattached
Clive Wilkinson Unattached
Denise Fassler Werrington Joggers
Rob Van duyn Werrington joggers
Dawn Friend Yaxley Runners
Michael Jackman Yaxley runners
darren maddison Yaxley Runners
Anne Meadows Yaxley Runners
Mike Morley Yaxley Runners
Carol Riley Yaxley Runners
Andy Savage Yaxley Runners
Geoffrey  Clark Yaxley Runners & Joggers
Adrian Flintoft Yaxley Runners & Joggers

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